Using a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-350 for Media Center

Since I have built a new PC, it was up in the air to what I was going to do with the one that was replaced. After some thinking I thought that I could make a Media Center PC. Now I’m not too familiar with the MythTV or BeyondTV feel, but I have always liked the Windows interface. So that’s the route I decided to take.

Let me explain my intent here first. I already have a Dish DVR box, so I am not interested in running a line from that to my PC and back to the TV. Why else run a Media Center then? First off, I have a ton of music. Secondly I feel that it would be simple way to store movies and/or videos and to play them directly to the TV. Lastly, and most important, I have all the seasons of Lost downloaded and I’m only at the beginning of the second season… :) (more…)

Why Google Cash Doesn’t Work

I’m sure that some of you have heard of Google Cash; an E-book that explains how to make Thousands running ads with Google AdWords. If you haven’t heard of it, run a Google search for ‘Google Cash’ and you will see what I am talking about. If you would like to find a torrent of the book so that you can scope it out yourself, try search for it at my other site: Well, I’m here to admit that I read the book and was gullible enough to attempt trying it out on a small scale, and I’m also here to explain why it doesn’t work.

First off, the word content for AdWords is like crazy expensive! Say you want to run an ad for an online sports shop, so you choose a target like the Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre. So you go to CJ and register as an affiliate with the online retailer. Then you go to Google and start a new ad campaign. You pick all the variations of the search terms ‘Green Bay Packers’, ‘jerseys’, ‘brett favre’, etc. Initially the cost to get the ads to even show are usually around $0.15 to $1.00 per click. IMO this initial cost is so high you will never make up the difference. But what is even better is that after a day or so, Google hikes the cost per each word content. So now if you even want the ad to be displayed you need to start paying up to $10.00 per click! I’m not kidding! The hike that I have typically seen is around 500%-2000%. There’s no way that you can make any profit with prices like that! (more…)

Copying Tables in MySQL

Need to copy a table in MySQL?  Real easy to do, just run the following command: CREATE TABLE new_table SELECT * FROM original_table Not only does it copy the structure, it inserts each record from the original table.

Free DNS and Nameservers

Have you ever attempted to host your own site only to discover that you need nameservers to point your domain name to? And then you discover that you cannot simply create your own DNS server to point at because registrars require at least two nameservers with different IP addresses. Then you need to check out EveryDNS. (more…)