The other day I was looking at my domains in GoDaddy and found that a few of them were coming up to renewal. Renewals are charged at full regular prices, $9.95 for a .com domain. Being the frugal sort, I decided to start shopping around. I really wanted a package that allows free private registration for a real decent price. I was amazed at how many registrars no longer offer inclusive private registrations. I was even more amazed of the GoDaddy spawns, or sister companies, there were out there!

In the end, I decided to go with as they not only offered the best regular pricing ($6.99 / year) but private registration was included. I figured that it would be pretty unlikely to have any issues with a DNS-only service, even if it was with these guys.

Yet I do have to say though, you get what you pay for. Just making simple NS server changes seems to take HOURS as before it would only take minutes. And this isn’t due to DNS propagation either. Running a DNS query on their own servers can confirm this. Oh well. DNS changes very rarely anway and I can live with the initial “propagation”.

Next: My frugality persists.  Host your sites and get your email hosted for free!

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