Open DNS Servers

For the longest time I have been a big fan of using OpenDNS‘ DNS servers. For any of you that are not familiar, you can point your DNS to their servers ( & and have about perfect domain name resolution. With some ISPs that I can name, this is Read more…

Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName

For some reason I kept getting the following error when starting my Apache2 server:
“Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName

Since the error occurs only on my Apache/2.2.3 install and not on my Apache/2.0.54 install, I can only conclude that it is a “feature” of the newer 2.2.x version of Apache. Anyhow, the steps that I took to resolve (more…)

Hamachi please!

To anyone who doesn’t know what Hamachi is, let me explain a little. It is a small program, now owned by LogMeIn, that creates a virtual network with any computer that you install the client. It also is enhanced with security features that help protect any sensitive information.

But VPN tunnels have been around for a while, why would you want to check this out? Because this client actualy produces a virtual network connection on your PC. (more…)

Calling all newsgroup users

I’ve been into newsgroups for a few years now (mostly for those binaries…). On my desktops and laptop I usually use Xnews for the text groups and Newsleacher for all those binaries. These apps work great for most of my needs.

Yet it seemed like there were times when I would be at work and wanted to start a download from home. Previously I would either use a variant of VNC or Terminal Services to login to a home PC and start the download. Problem was that this was pretty clumsy. (more…)

X11 not working with Xming

Xming is a great little app that allows you to utilize X11 port forwarding in Putty. What is X11 port forwarding you say? It is the means of calling a program to run on your *nix box but displaying it remotely on your terminal. All you really need is Putty and X running on your server.

So I had installed the Xming setup and fonts (all you really need), but I couldn’t get the display to come through. I kept receiving the following error: GtkWARNING **: cannot open display” (more…)