Google Maps, polygons, won’t display properly in IE7

Recently I have been working again with Google Maps on a site for work. I was working with implementing transparent polygons, which were displaying perfectly with Firefox 2. Figuring that Firefox, Javascript, and I don’t get along very well at times, IE would work fine if Firefox worked. I was wrong.

After finishing the map page and confirming everything worked perfect in Firefox, I switched over to IE7 and gave it a run. The first time the page loaded only half (more…)

Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName

For some reason I kept getting the following error when starting my Apache2 server:
“Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName

Since the error occurs only on my Apache/2.2.3 install and not on my Apache/2.0.54 install, I can only conclude that it is a “feature” of the newer 2.2.x version of Apache. Anyhow, the steps that I took to resolve (more…)

Domain Names and Hosting

So until recently I have been using 1&1 (1and1) as my hosting company, which all my domains were also registered through. After periodic downtimes and the complete lack of phone support, I decided that it was time to switch hosts. So I created an account at HostGator and started moving everything over.

If it were a perfect world, what I wanted to do was close my 1&1 hosting account, keep the domains there, and point them to the HostGator NS records. (more…)

DD-WRT Router as DSL Gateway

So you put DD-WRT on your router and now you want to use it as the gateway for your DSL connection? Well, first you need to get some information from the gateway that your provider supplied you. You will need the following:

  • User Name of the account (probably the main email address)
  • Password of the account
  • Service Name of your provider
  • (more…)

Hamachi please!

To anyone who doesn’t know what Hamachi is, let me explain a little. It is a small program, now owned by LogMeIn, that creates a virtual network with any computer that you install the client. It also is enhanced with security features that help protect any sensitive information.

But VPN tunnels have been around for a while, why would you want to check this out? Because this client actualy produces a virtual network connection on your PC. (more…)


After that last post, I thought it may be a good idea to explain a little about newsgroups in general. Many friends and coworkers of mine always ask me how I find so many programs, movies (full DVD’s), and CD’s. I try to explain that I use newsgroups to download the binaries, but all I get in response is: “Well, can you find me …?”. So here goes my tutorial, if you will… (more…)

Calling all newsgroup users

I’ve been into newsgroups for a few years now (mostly for those binaries…). On my desktops and laptop I usually use Xnews for the text groups and Newsleacher for all those binaries. These apps work great for most of my needs.

Yet it seemed like there were times when I would be at work and wanted to start a download from home. Previously I would either use a variant of VNC or Terminal Services to login to a home PC and start the download. Problem was that this was pretty clumsy. (more…)

X11 not working with Xming

Xming is a great little app that allows you to utilize X11 port forwarding in Putty. What is X11 port forwarding you say? It is the means of calling a program to run on your *nix box but displaying it remotely on your terminal. All you really need is Putty and X running on your server.

So I had installed the Xming setup and fonts (all you really need), but I couldn’t get the display to come through. I kept receiving the following error: GtkWARNING **: cannot open display” (more…)