So you put DD-WRT on your router and now you want to use it as the gateway for your DSL connection? Well, first you need to get some information from the gateway that your provider supplied you. You will need the following:

  • User Name of the account (probably the main email address)
  • Password of the account
  • Service Name of your provider

Now that you have this info, and assuming that you are already connected to the DSL gateway via the router, we can get the DSL settings changed. In your configuration you will need to disabled NAT and DHCP. The gateway may or may not give you explicit warnings about disabling the NAT, but you *should* be able to proceed without a problem. Once you have disabled these services and rebooted the gateway, you can now move on to setting up the router.

Log into the router and navigate to the Basic Setup page under Setup. Here you need to change the Internet Connection Type to PPPoE. Also enter in the information that you retrieved from the gateway before. For my connection I left the RP PPPoE setting disabled, since I didn’t require it. Now turn on DHCP on the router if you haven’t already. Save the settings and reboot the router. Also make sure that your cable from the DSL gateway is now plugged into the WAN port of the router.

If successful, your router should now pick up an IP from your provider and be online. You also should be able to control your port forwarding much more efficiently with your DD-WRT router than before (or at all) with the DSL gateway.

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